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What is Navy League?

April 26th 2019

“Our Goal is to make better Canadian citizens,” those are the first words out of Mark Doram when he was asked about being Commanding Officer of the Navy League of Canada - Alberta Division.   When people realize Navy League achieves this goal through leadership training, rope skills, sailing, first aid, camping and   ▸

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Ship's Honour

March 20th 2019

Ship’s Honour   On Friday March 15, 2019, our Cadets (335 RCSCC Calgary) had the honour of presenting the National President's Scroll of Appreciation to the HMCS Calgary / NCSM Calgary.  Commanding Officer Cdr Saltel CD, the Executive Officer LCdr MacIntosh CD and Coxswain CPO1 Lee accepted the award along with National   ▸

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Stony Plain Spirit

March 2nd 2019

Stony Plain Spirit   Ruth Dellaire absolutely loves the family atmosphere of the cadet program and what it offers to the children as well as the parents.  Ruth has been with our corps NLCC Erwin J. Stolk for three years and has been an active participant in the program.  She talks about   ▸

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RCSCC Undaunted Centennial

February 21st 2019

Celebrations began with the unveiling of Undaunted's Centennial Logo designed by Andrea Kucherawy during HMCS TECUMSEH's New Year's Levée. Thank you to the Undaunted alumni, friends, and supporters for coming out to celebrate this milestone with us. As well, a special thank you to the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and crew   ▸

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