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QEF Special Scholarship

CPO2 Yessica Dominiquez

#27 RCSCC WARRIOR, Edmonton

QEF Special Scholarship

CPO2 Yessica Esmeralda Dominguez Morales was born in Veracruz, Mexico and moved to Canada when she was six year’s old. At the age of nine, she enrolled as a Navy League Cadet at NLCC CB Hill in Edmonton, and is eager to share that she fell in love with cadets from the very beginning. A bubbly, friendly young girl, her sunny smile and her desire to learn and excel led to her becoming a cadet others view as a role model.

When her time at Navy League Cadets ended, she quickly enrolled as a sea cadet at #27 RCSCC Warrior. She proudly states that cadets shaped who she is today, teaching her the importance of self-discipline and of treating every person she encounters with respect. Her cadet experience also had a positive impact on her school, home, and work life, teaching her to be an effective time manager, a strong leader, and an engaged and supportive team member.

In 2020, CPO2 Dominguez received the Quadra Education Foundation Scholarship. Upon learning she was one of the successful candidates for this scholarship, she stated that she felt quite fortunate, because with the current global situation, this scholarship helps alleviate some of the post secondary financial burden for her and her family. The scholarship has encouraged her to continue to pursue her goals and dreams.

She is enrolled in NAIT’s Disaster and Emergency Management program and plans to follow that with a degree program in BC. Her dream is to work with the United Nations and to one day be able to give back the QEF, contributing to the support of educational pursuits of others.

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