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QEF Special Scholarship

CPO2 Yessica Dominiquez #27 RCSCC WARRIOR, Edmonton QEF Special Scholarship CPO2 Yessica Esmeralda Dominguez Morales was born in Veracruz, Mexico and moved to Canada when she was six year’s old. At the age of nine, she enrolled as a Navy League Cadet at NLCC CB Hill in Edmonton, and is eager to share   ▸

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Rotary Club of Cumberland Centennial Scholarship

CPO2 Kianna Beck #335 RCSCC CALGARY, Calgary Rotary Club of Cumberland Centennial Scholarship CPO2 Kianna Beck began her cadet career with NLCC #166 John A. Hamilton in Calgary. Upon aging out of Navy League, she joined #335 RCSCC Calgary in September 2015. From the very beginning CPO2 Beck excelled in her corps.   ▸

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LCdr Lynn Russell Retirement

September 15th 2020

On Sunday, September 13th the Alberta Division family said "Fair Winds Following Seas" to LCdr Lynn Russell for 25 years of service to The Navy League of Canada. Thanks for all your hard work over the years.   ▸

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Strathcona Branch 50/50

September 3rd 2020

The Navy League of Canada Strathcona Branch September 50/50 Fundraiser!Win up to $10,000! The Navy League of Canada Strathcona Branch is excited to share our SEPTEMBER 50/50 fundraiser in support of NLCC T.E. Waddington for cadets aged 9-12 years old and RCSCC Resolute for cadets aged 12-18 years old.The Navy League of   ▸

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