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August 1st 2018

Cadets has been a very important aspect of my life for the past 3 years.  Actually, to tell the truth, I have been involved in the cadet program pretty much my whole life!  My parents have both reaped the benefits of the cadet program and continued with it as adults.  When I turned 9, I couldn’t wait to join a Navy League Corps.  I started my own cadet journey at NLCC T.E. Waddington at the age of 9 and soon discovered that this program was perfect for me.  I have learned many things from my officers and senior cadets: dedication, leadership, cooperation, respect, and deportment.

In the two years I was involved with Waddington I was promoted through the ranks to a Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class.  I also enjoyed my role as the Colour Guard divisional petty officer.  I was lucky enough to be recognized through many awards:  LCDR Owen Blake Award Outstanding Dedication (2015-2016, 2016-2017), and the Cadet Excellence badge (2016-2017).  Upon my transfer to Erwin J. Stolk, I was appointed to the position of corps Coxswain and promoted to Chief Petty Officer 1st Class.  I enjoyed this new position and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of leading a new group of cadets.

When I discovered that I was the recipient of the Alberta Award of Excellence medal for 2018, I was overwhelmed.  I knew that this award was very special and I was honoured to receive it.  Although I know that only one cadet can be selected for this award, the cadet program in Alberta has done such an excellent job of creating outstanding young leaders, that it could’ve been given to many other dedicated cadets.

I now anxiously wait for the summer to end so that I can continue in my cadet journey with RCSCC Mackenzie.  I have watched my older brother experience many new and different activities in the sea cadet program, and I can’t wait to try sailing, marksmanship, and biathlon.  I also can’t wait to go on all of the weekend camps they get to attend.

Although I am only 12 years old, I feel as though the cadet program has offered me many opportunities to help me achieve my future goals.  These goals include joining the Sea Cadet program, attending cadet summer training, achieving honors in school, and attending university.  As with the things I learn in school, I try very hard to transfer what I learn in cadets to my everyday life.


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