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Regional Sea Cadet Regatta 2019

September 26th 2019

We are pleased to report a highly successful Regional Sea Cadet Regatta this past weekend in Calgary, AB. Weather conditions were beautiful and competition was at an all-time high as a fleet.

Introducing the 2019 Northwest Sail Team that will represent Northwest Region at the National Sea Cadet Regatta 2020 in Kingston, ON:

  • PO1 Keela Wilson - 198 RCSCC YUKON;
  • CPO1 Haley Poirier - 359 RCSCC CHICOUTIMI;
  • CPO1 Alec Guggenmos - 346 RCSCC SASKATCHEWAN;
  • PO1 Stuart Hampson - 213 RCSCC QU'APPELLE;
  • CPO1 Peter Jung - 43 RCSCC IMPREGNABLE;
  • PO1 Arya Dirisina - 238 RCSCC CAMPBELTOWN;
  • PO1 Mary Masicampo - 355 RCSCC CALGARY; and
  • CPO2 Gabriel Freider - 25 RCSCC CRUSADER.
Events like this never run smoothly alone, so Bravo Zulu to the regatta staff, but especially the Support Cadets including:
  • PO2 Rachel Wilsher - 360 RCSCC OKOTOKS;
  • PO2 Calum Munday - 359 RCSCC CHICOUTIMI;
  • CPO2 Liam Deuel - 360 RCSCC OKOTOKS;
  • PO1 Yessica Dominguez - 27 RCSCC WARRIOR;
  • PO2 Molly Espey - 49 RCSCC JT CORNWELL VC;
  • CPO1 Theo Lautsch - 99 RCSCC ASSINIBOINE;
  • CPO1 Daryl Greenwood - 238 RCSCC CAMPBELTOWN; and
  • CPO2 Cole Turner - 22 RCSCC UNDAUNTED.
We would like to extend a special thanks to the visitors who came by to check things out including LCol Letellier, Maj Fisher, Maj Cater, and numerous corps CO's. Your interaction with, and support for the cadets was greatly appreciated.

To the leagues who sent prizes for the sailors, a huge thank-you for your support.

Alberta Sailors and Support Cadets participating in the Northwest Regional Sea Cadet Regatta 2019. (tag Calgary Yacht Club as the location, and 238 RCSCC, 22 RCSCC, 344 RCSCC, 359 RCSCC, & 360 RCSCC, 335 RCSCC, 145 RCSCC, 34 RCSCC, 198 RCSCC, 27 RCSCC, & 152 RCSCC)
Credit: Capt Morgan Arnott, New Media & Production Officer, RCSU NW, © 2019 DND-MDN Canada

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