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National Regatta Clothing

September 11th 2019

A message from Lt(N) / Ltv Amanda Norquay:

Good afternoon all,
I just wanted to send you all an email expressing how excited, happy, and grateful that we could get the nationals clothing sorted out this year. And it’s not just that we sorted it out, we provided quality team clothing that the cadets could be proud of (pictures attached). Like I said, I used my Nationals bag for over a decade because it was a high quality, lovely bag.
I received numerous items of feedback and social media posts, starting with the coaches opening up the boxes sent from RCSU to Kingston, and again when the coaches “revealed” the clothing to the cadets. They were SO excited and I even received messages from coaches on other region’s teams that said, “I want to work for Northwest”.
So again, I want to say a big THANK-YOU for agreeing on the purchase, and especially for agreeing in such a quick timeline. It is very much appreciated by everyone at the National Sea Cadet Regatta and myself.

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