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2018/2019 Top Navy League Cadet

June 9th 2019

My name is Shem Springer. I was born at the Queen Elizabeth hospital on May 15th 2007 in Bridgetown, Barbados.  I lived there with my family until I was three years old.

Then, in 2011, we moved to Canada, and we have been living in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area with my parents, my two brothers, one fourteen and the other, three and my grandmother.

I have been attending Suzuki Charter school since preschool.  The school requires you to play a musical instrument so I have been playing the violin for most of my life. I also play the baritone in my church band and take piano lessons.

Also, my family has started a charitable foundation which supports organizations that help develop and empower children.  I have a passion and love for helping people, and I hope that the foundation will help me help children. For the past two years I have helped make jam for the foundation as a fundraising initiative for it.  So far we have helped a youth sports program in Barbados, our own cadet corps and plan to help many more.

Some of my favorite things to do, are to read, write, and learn at school.  My favorite subject is Social and anything to do with history.  At home I take my love further, by constantly researching facts about any period.  Going to museums is also one of my favorite hobbies.  I also love reading, watching movies and documentaries.  I can’t forget to mention my love and passion for planes and all things aviation.  I really enjoy travelling and any opportunity to get on a plane!  When I grow up I plan to be a pilot and aeronautical engineer.

I am in a program for advanced math called Kumon. I have received many awards in Kumon such as achieving math grade level in 2015, International Standard Award in 2017 and the advanced student honor roll award this year.

I have very much enjoyed my years as a Navy League cadet, the opportunities to have fun, make friends and lead others.  I look forward to the new adventures that wait me in junior high and beyond!
Shem Springer
Alberta Division's Top Cadet of the Year
Navy League of Canada

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