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Stony Plain Spirit

March 2nd 2019

Stony Plain Spirit
Ruth Dellaire absolutely loves the family atmosphere of the cadet program and what it offers to the children as well as the parents.  Ruth has been with our corps NLCC Erwin J. Stolk for three years and has been an active participant in the program.  She talks about how she has also grown within the program and believes that it is not only important for the children, but also for parents.  She believes in building the community and sees the growth in her children that are currently in both Navy League and Sea Cadets.  It has built their confidence and maturity levels. 
Ruth, our treasurer for the past two years, felt it very important to promote and advertise the cadet program as much as possible.  She drives her cadet van all over and most the time with other children in it.  She drives the van proudly with kids incredibly proud of being a part of it.
As Branch President, I am very fortunate to have Ruth as part of Stony Plain Branch.  We have a strong tight family atmosphere and work well as a team.  We all feed off of each other’s strengths and complete each other.
Jurgen Stolk has a business where he does the decals on cars, "Car Pretty".  Ruth and Jurgen got together to create the masterpiece van that is now our primary advertising outlet.  Jurgen donated the services to the branch and we are very grateful for his generosity.  Ruth, Jurgen, on behalf of the community, we thank you.  Long live the Stony Plain spirit.
Michelle Reiter, President
The Navy League of Canada – Stony Plain Branch

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