Video Conferencing Tips/ZOOM Tips

Download Zoom client for meetings here:

For help with Google Meet, click here.

What you will need:
Other recommendations to improve your video conference call:

Physical setup

  1. Adjust computer/camera height and angle. Try to get the camera at eye level.
  2. Sound environment. Find a quiet place free from errant noise. Try to pick .
  3. Consider using headphones or earbuds so the call audio is not picked up by your microphone.
  4. Consider placement of mic if you’re using an external mic. Closer to the sound source is better.
  5. For lighting, avoid windows/lights behind you. Good lighting is key. Face a source of light, like a window, so that your face is lit up and you’re not backlit.
  6. Close all other apps on your computer. (provides more computer power & prevents pop-ups)
  7. Plug your computer into the router using an ethernet cable if available. This provides a faster and more stable connection.

When you first join a meeting

Join using computer audio - a pop up will ask you to choose this. Make sure you video is ON Make sure your audio is ON

User interface

Bottom Row from left to right

Turn on/off audio and audio settings.
Turn on/off video and video settings.
Security settings (host only).
View participants and participant settings.
View chat.
Share screen and screen sharing settings.
Record meeting.
Chat reactions.
End call button.

Choose how you view yourself and other participants on your screen with the button on the top right. Gallery view/Speaker view/pin video.