Message From ALBERTA DIVISION President

NLOC, Alberta Division COVID-19 Path Forward Update February 2, 2021

As the restrictions change for COVID-19 we at the Alberta Division and Navy League Command staff are monitoring closely the changes and timeframes for returning to face-to-face programming.

The Sea Cadet Program re-opening is under the direction of the Department of National Defence, this information will be sent to the Corps Commanding Officers through the DND channels.

The Alberta Government has prescribed a 4-step plan (link below) outlining the process for organizations like the Navy League to plan an in-person re-engagement.

EXERPT From Alberta Covid Information:

Current - Mandatory restrictions - Provincewide - Effective Feb. 8 (Note: there will be a 3-week timeframe between steps to determine the effectiveness of the step.) View full enhanced public health measures here

Based on the current trends and recommendations we are estimating the potential for modified or complete return to in person training to be in STEP 2 the first week of March. We are working to confirm the Navy League program will fit the STEP 2 re-opening.

Alberta Division is requesting that Branches and Corps start planning for the re-opening while monitoring the current health recommendations and communications from Alberta Division and/or Commander. We will once again communicate next steps on or before 24 February 2021.

Please keep in communication with your branch advisor, informing them of the status of you re-opening plan, barriers and to questions you need answers to.

Be safe.

Sterling Martin