Message From ALBERTA DIVISION President

NLOC, Alberta Division COVID-19 Update January 8, 2021

Yesterday the Provincial Covid Up-date had some positive news in that schools will be operational next week. In the same briefing we were told that the indoor/outdoor restrictions will remain in place for the next two weeks and in that time it will be further evaluated based on case numbers and other variables.

We are monitoring the Covid restrictions on a daily basis with the hope that in the not too distant future there may be some or complete resumption of the in-person programing. Please work with your teams on a partial and/or complete re-opening process promoting the Covid processes for the safety of the cadets, officers, and volunteers of the program. As of yet we do not know when we will be allowed to meet face to face – lets be ready when that time comes.

Information for re-opening will be provided by the DND for the Sea Cadet Program and by the NL Commander and his staff for the NL program. Also note that re-opening ma have a different process in different areas of the province as outlined by the Provincial Restrictions.

Please be safe, I look forward to the time we can meet in person.

Sterling Martin