Message From ALBERTA DIVISION President

Alberta Division President's Update - Summer Edition

First, thank you to the all of amazing people who kept the program alive for your cadets, officers and branch members over the past few months. While engagement levels varied for a variety of reasons, many of you embraced the challenges presented and made words such as interactive, virtual, online learning, Zoom and Google Classroom common place in our Division.

The entire Division Board has done its best to stay active and connected during this difficult time, which I very much appreciate. I do want to send out a special public thank you to Amanda Hall, Ruth Anne Johnson, Jay Wilson and Jim Golbourn for taking on so many additional things and for ensuring that we were able to keep things moving, keep people informed, and stay engaged and on top of the rapidly changing pandemic environment. You not only continued doing your own jobs, you reached out to help wherever possible. The four of you in particular made my job so much easier, and greatly reduced my stress levels as I continued working full time throughout. Alberta Division is fortunate to have such a great team. It makes me a little sad to be leaving.

COVID 19 Preparedness – Alberta Division Requirements

All Navy League Cadet Officers and Volunteers, all Alberta Division Board members and all Branch Board Members are required to take the following online DND “COVID-19 Awareness Training “training by September 30, 2020. Click on the links below for instructions on accessing the course. Complete the test – it is 28 multiple choice and True/False questions. Certificates must be emailed to

How to Access the Course
Course Login

NL Officer Rank Qual Weekend

A huge thank you goes to CDR (NL) Mark Doram, LCdr (NL) Travis Park, and the instructors and DAOs who have stepped up to ensure that, while Rank Qual weekend cannot be an in person event, a virtual training weekend will still take place.

Return to Parade

By now most of you will have read the letters from Brigadier General Cochrane regarding the senior cadet program, as well as the letter and policy/practices document from National’s Vice President – Navy League cadets, Peter Betcher.

Letter from Brigadier General Cochrane
Letter and Policy/Practices from Peter Betcher

In person parades will not begin until October 1, 2020 at the earliest. At this point all corps and branches are encouraged to begin planning for this return, keeping in mind that a second surge of the COVID 19 virus could alter that date.

In the meantime, corps are to go ahead with registration and virtual training for the month of September. Some corps may need to parade virtually for even longer, depending on the access they are able to obtain to their parade facilities. Branches are to keep their advisors informed of plans and Commander Officers are to keep their DAOs informed as well.

Navy League Change of Command

With the cancellation of an in-person Rank Qual weekend, the Change of Command ceremony will also need to adapt to the current restrictions. Weather and health permitting, we will film a very scaled down Change of Command in Edmonton event on Saturday, August 29, 2020 and release the video on the actual Change of Command date, Sunday, September 13, 2020. More details will be sent as soon as the time and location are confirmed over the next couple of days.

Navy League Command Staff

Please join me in applauding the work done by Commander Mark Doram and LCDR (NL) Lynn Russell as they finish their time with Alberta Division’s Command Staff. LCDR (NL) Russell has served as an officer, a Commanding Officer and as the Division Administration Officer since joining Navy League well over 20 years ago. LCDR (NL) Russell is retiring from the league to free up time for family, in particular her granddaughter. She will be sorely missed for her knowledge, her care, her compassion, and her wonderful sense of humor. To know this wonder-woman is to love her.

Commander Doram is entering his 40th year as a volunteer with the Navy League of Canada. He has served in just about every role the program was able to conceive of, including an outstanding three-year term as Commander. We have been able to forge a true partnership between Command Staff and Division Board, working as a team to create Roll Call, implement consistent, standardized email accounts, establish a more effective marking guide for NL cadet corps, and re-direct the energies of the DAOs from oversight and correction to mentorship and guidance. I could not have asked for a better partner during my own three-year term as Division President. I am pleased to say that while he will be finishing is time with our Command Staff, he has accepted an appointment to the National working group for Navy League Cadets. He has also graciously given me his permission to nominate him for the National Commander’s position, which will change next spring. Joining me in the nomination are the president of the BC Mainland Division and that Division’s Commander.

Command Staff Vacancies With the retirement of Commander Doram and LCDR (NL) Russell, in addition to the retirement of LCDR (NL) Ann Dyck, Alberta Division is in need of qualified applicants for Command Staff members from the southern region. Please refer to the 2019 NL8 for requirements to apply. Please send your letter of interest to by September 10, 2020.

Division AGM

On September 21, 2020 we will make the final decision regarding a virtual or in person AGM.

If we do hold an in-person event, it will be for current board members and current presidents only. There will be no training day and no in-person guest speakers. It will likely be a one-day event. The decision will be made based on the pandemic status by September 20th.

Branch AGMs

As you know, branches rely on their membership to nominate and elect the branch board of directors each year. With in person parading beginning late, and changes in how parading is conducting likely to look very different, the Division is requesting that all Branch Boards remain intact for now.

It is recommended that Branches who were not able to hold their 2020 AGMs to date, hold them in December 2020. Depending on circumstances, a virtual AGM may be required. We will provide direction on holding a virtual branch AGM at the Division AGM. We will also provide information on the website and send all presidents notice when that information is posted.

A 21-day notice to your membership will still be required. It is recommended that each Branch submit a letter to the new Division President following the Division AGM for permission to waive quorum at the Branch AGM should it be necessary. If the president is in their third term but there is little likelihood that a successor will come forward, also submit a letter requesting an extension for the current president.

The board elected in December 2020 will stay in place until January-March 2022, by which time it is hoped the world will have returned to some semblance of normal. For those boards who held their AGMs prior to the shut down, we recommend you hold them at the same time in 2021, likely virtually.

Additional Comments

Thank you to the amazing team at PSICorp Media Group, our National Office staff, and all of the other friends of the program who stepped up and helped us navigate the waters of virtual parades, interactive activities, and sourcing resource materials for our website. Your support, help and guidance is appreciated beyond measure.

Commanding Officers and Branch Presidents, please circulate to your teams.

On behalf of the Navy League of Canada, Alberta Division

Keep Safe and Stay Well.

Jocelyn Park
President/Navy League Chairperson