October COVID Update - October 6, 2020

Greetings to our NL Cadet Team,

I hope you all are staying safe and vigilant during this pandemic. As we now look forward to getting our cadets back into in person training there will be some Corps that will be using our Google Classroom platform to engage with the cadets as their Divisions, working with the Provincial Health Authority, regulate which areas can open up and resume training.

The NL Command Team has a new addition as Cdr(NL) Mark Doram will be working with our National Commander Cdr (NL) Eamon Brennan ahead of their transition at the next National AGM in 2021.

I would like to thank Commanders (NL) Barone , Doram, Siqouin and LCdr(NL) Cudmore for all of their efforts and continued support to the National Working Group as we have worked very hard over the past few months to not only update the CTS and Officer training packages but also help formulate the in person training plan that has been sent out to all the Divisions.

I would like to give a warm welcome to Commanders (NL) Park , Fournier and Young to our working group and look forward to continue the good work that has been done under the direction of the NL Deputy Chair Bob Lacquement.

As we proceed cautiously forward we must keep the health and safety of our Cadets , Officer and Volunteers at the fore front of everything we do which includes providing a safe learning environment either in person or in virtual training.

This is a time that we are rebuilding and reshaping the training experiences of our NL Cadets and we will need to adapt and share best practices. On that note we will be coming out with some recruiting videos in both official languages that will be out Mid October 2020.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication to our cadets and the program. Stay safe.

Non Medical Mask Distribution

As announced earlier this week, the distribution of the masks has started and masks will be arriving over the coming days. In the majority of the cases, the masks have been shipped directly to the assigned individuals. We are awaiting additional counts for some Cadet Corps – if there is some doubt, please be sure to reach out to Jamie.

125th Anniversary Coin Distribution

In conjunction with the mask distribution, each NL Cadet Corps will be receiving two anniversary coins to recognize one volunteer and one cadet.

We will be creating content acknowledging all of the outstanding Cadets and Volunteers who are part of this incredible organization, and would love to have your Corps included in the projects. If you could please take photos of the coin presentation (whatever that may look like), and send them to we would greatly appreciate it!

Cleaning Products

With regards to the appropriate cleaning products, there is a number of different products that are available. Items such as disposable wipes, sprays and hand sanitizers are the best methods in dealing with keeping surfaces clean. There are some “recipes” that are on-line providing direction using a combination of bleach and water. While they may be safe to use, we are recommending off the shelf products in order to limit the risk to burns and exposures because of mixing of products. In addition to the cleaning products, latex or nitrile gloves should be worn when cleaning surfaces. Finally, the responsibility of cleaning should only include adult volunteers. Cadet participants should not engage in cleaning surfaces.

Music Training

Effective 1 October, all in-person music training shall be suspended. Cadets are encouraged to practice their skills at home – no mass band practices are authorized. For the purposes of assisting with parade cadence, a bass drum or snare drum is permitted.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

In-person ceremonies will likely be cancelled. As we approach Veteran’s Week, we will be providing additional information related to virtual ceremonies.

2020 Poppy Campaign

Cadets are not permitted to participate in in-person poppy campaigns. Cadets are encouraged to support the local Royal Canadian Legion Branch through virtual campaigns that may be developed.

Legion Kit Shop

Google Classroom

First and foremost, on behalf of the Command Team we are thankful for your patience and understanding as we develop the classroom. The classroom is intended to provide a national platform that every cadet will benefit from the same training experience.

The google classroom is truly a work in progress but as we progress it will benefit and keep up our engagement. We will continue to provide training resources through the Zoom Conferences. In the interim period, if you have any questions please let us know, we can get a response and build up the FAQ document.

We are also accepting optional training subjects to be uploaded to the cadet training library.

Best Practices

During these unprecedented times, if Cadet Corps are developing ideas that can be shown, we would appreciate sharing all of these ideas/practices for everyone to benefit.

We now have a folder in the COVID portal “best practises”.

CTS Update

As part of the roll-out of the Google Classroom, we are continuing to populate the cadet training library with lesson plans. The updated portions of the CTS are being received by the translator, and will be added accordingly.

Fire Drill

As we resume in-person activities, we are encouraging all cadet units to practice fire drills in order to ensure everyone is aware of the appropriate safety protocols in the event of a fire emergency. These fire drills should be conducted within two weeks of the first in-person session for each cohort.

Volunteer Screening

We continue to accept volunteer screening applications. In the event that screening status is due to expire, please plan ahead in order to prepare the renewal documentation. If you have any questions concerning screening, please contact your Division Screening Coordinator.

Board Game – Creation of a NL Cadet Game

A NL Officer has invested some time and expertise in developing a board game similar to the “Monopoly©” game. As a result, the Navy League is pleased to have its own version, Navy League Corps”opoly.”

The game will be available for sale at $40.

COVID Portal

For up-to-date information, please go to the COVID portal.