NL General Cadet Update - September 9, 2020

Good afternoon, please find below a general update related to NL Cadets.

Non-Medical Masks

As per a previous update, the National Office has procured black masks for all NL Cadet and NL Cadet Volunteers for in-person training.

The masks will be delivered on September 10 and we will initiate distribution based on the Annual Return Forms (NL 333) that were required in July.

If the Division has not already forwarded the details, please do so ASAP. Prior to shipping the masks, the National Office will confirm the delivery and quantity.

Google Classroom

The Service Provider continues to receive and input Corps Information for the Google Classroom.

As a reminder, Cadets Corps only need to submit the following information: Attached is the CSV template.

Google Classroom Training

Currently looking at providing additional evening training on Wednesday, 16 September at 6:00pm and 8:30pm (Ottawa time). More information will be forwarded when confirmed.

Course Training Standards Update

The translation for the CTS is being completed and will be reviewed for accuracy and comprehension. It will be available through the Google Classroom Library.

COVID-19 Portal

We continue to post relevant information in this portal as “best practices” there is some useful information here and we will continue to populate.

Link - Portal

NL Cadet Join Us

There is currently a link on the National Website – Contact Us, it will soon allow for new parents, cadets to send information requests directly to the Divisions for additional information.

This is similar to the Join Us as announced on the Cadets Canada Website.

COVID-19 Training

Through the Cadets Canada Portal

Volunteers can complete the COVID Awareness Training