December Update - December 9, 2020

Opening Remarks

The past nine months have been extremely difficult and have created a number of challenges; however with those challenges have been some great ideas and initiatives. We continue to navigate our new world and we are learning new and innovative ways to stay engaged with our Cadets. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the over 1,500 NL Officers and Volunteers who have remained dedicated to offering a world-class youth program under these very difficult conditions.

New National Commanders’ Representative

Earlier in the Fall, we announced our new National Commanders’ Representative, Cdr Mark Doram. Mark has served in a variety of roles within Alberta Division as a Staff Officer; previously he volunteer with the Cadet Corps in Wainwright as a Branch Member. Mark has experience working with volunteers through the Minor Hockey Association, as well as the Edmonton Foodbank. Mark brings a wealth of experience to the NL Cadet Command Team.

Mark has created a number of priorities: Over the upcoming months, Mark will be transitioning into his new role with the Change of Appointment taking place during the 2021 AGM.

The Chair's (3-R's)

Starting in early January 2021, the NL Cadet Command Team will start planning for the post-COVID19. The recruiting piece was launched in mid-November with the national recruiting videos produced by PSICorps and the cadets from BC Mainland. Additional videos/vignettes will be launched over the next few weeks – they are available for distribution and production in both English and French.

The retention pillar has always been a challenge, mainly related to volunteers. The Cadet retention has always been high, but with the evolution of COVID it will and has had an impact on our ability to retain the cadets. In some communities, Corps have had to suspend training outright due to the limited availability of our volunteer because of other commitments. The data has presented by John speaks to this issue as well as the impact on our overall training effectiveness.

Finally, the third phase which will be focussed on the future and how the NL Cadet Program can modify its training position and work with the new tools that have been developed – online training, virtual training and traditional training activities.

All three pillars will be critical as we move forward and the NL Cadet Committee and Working Group will be looking at them as we develop future opportunities.


Over the summer months, there were a number of updates related to publications, here is a highlight of some of the changes – for a more detailed list, please go to the Forms and Publication Section.

Forms: Publications As always, if you see any errors please report them immediately. In the event of a discrepancy, the English version will take precedence.

NL Cadet Clothing Program

We are actively working with Logistik Unicorps on a replacement for the cadet boot. The main issue with regards to the cadet boot is the cost. We have been working on a replacement since the Fall 2019, and received a proposal for a shoe. We initiated a survey to gauge responses, we received a total of 45 responses – (33 yes, they liked the shoe with 12 no, the shoe was not acceptable. We realize that the response rate is not significant, but it is certainly something that we will continue to discuss with our partners at Logistik Unicorps.

Officer Training

The NL Officer Working Group continues to develop the training material for officer development. During the AGM Commander’s Conference 2.0 the Commanders discussed and reviewed many of the rank/positional and development periods for NL Officers. As a result of the conference, a working group was stood up to review and manage the officer development piece in more detail. The Working Group consists of Bob L, Mark Doram (AB), Marc Sigouin (QC) and Shaun Cudmore (ON).

Honours and Awards

The importance of recognizing volunteers and NL Officers has never been more important. With that in mind, I would like to see a significant push to recognize NL Officers for national awards – NL Officer of the Year, Meritorious Service, Distinguished Service, Commendations, etc. We have asked a lot of people and we are hearing some great stories of ingenuity and thinking outside of the box, so please help us get these nominations. Beyond the NL Awards, we have the Sovereigns Medal for Volunteers. We are also preparing to distribute a special recognition award for all NL Officers in honour of the 125th Anniversary – which will be prepared and will be distributed before the end of the year.

NL Corpsoply Board Game

Working with our NL Officer of the Year, Michael Pigeon he has developed a board game that supports cadet training and mirrors the traditional “Monopoly” Game, complete with playing cards, pieces and currency. The project is early in planning, but we are planning for Q1 delivery of the game.

Member's Only Section - Officer's Wardroom

Link: One Drive

Many of the cadet training material, CTS updates and optional training subjects will be available in the Members’ Only Section of the website. This will enable officers/instructors to access the information directly through our website.

OP Caring – Partnership With the NL and CAF

Please find attached the Op Caring Briefing Note. This was previously discussed and with COVID it was pushed to the right. For your consideration and further discussion.