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June 10th 2021

Article by Maria Granados, Navy League of Canada, June 10, 2021.   

Do you know who Amelia Monteith, Caitlin Taylor, Cindy Cui, Emily Mowat, Kevin Daeninck, Don D’Souza, and Anne-Marie Fournier are?

Perhaps, you’re wondering what they all have in common. To start with, they are all highly engaged in their communities, they are active citizens who care for the well-being of their colleagues, and they all happen to be members of the Navy League of Canada.

Our national awards program aims to recognize the efforts of a variety of members across the different levels of our organization. Annually, the Navy League of Canada honours the thoughtful, on-going contributions from exceptional Cadets and Volunteers who have shown a high degree of participation and leadership in the area of citizenship and have enhanced the aims and objectives of the Cadet programs in their communities.

“I am proud to count these individuals as members of the Navy League community. It is thanks to their dedication and hard work that their Corps, Branches, and communities are better placed to serve the youth in their area,” said Brenda Pinto, National President of the Navy League of Canada.

Find details of the winners below:

2021 National Sea Cadet of the Year

CPO2 Amelia Monteith – 139 RCSCC Illustrious / Ontario Division, Brampton Branch

2021 National Legion Cadet of the Year

CPO1 Caitlin Taylor – 305 RCSCC Sackville / Nova Scotia Mainland Division, Sackville Branch

2021 National Music Sea Cadet of the Year

PO1 Cindy Cui – 102 RCSCC Fraser / BC Mainland Division,  New Westminster Branch

2021 National Navy League Cadet of the Year

CPO2 Emily Mowat – 125 NLCC Columbia / BC Mainland Division, Aldergrove Branch

2021 CIC Officer of the Year

LCdr Kevin Daeninck – 49 RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC / Manitoba Division, Cornwell (Winnipeg) Branch

2021 Member of the Year

Don D’Souza – Ontario Division, Milton Branch

2021 Navy League Officer of the Year

Capf (LN) Anne-Marie Fournier – Quebec Division

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