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CPO1 Guggenmos - Sea Cadet National Regatta Team

August 28th 2019

I’m CPO1 Alec Guggenmos from RCSCC Saskatchewan in Fort Qu’Appelle Sask.  My first ever experience with sailing was in the cadet program back in June, 2014 at my Corps sail weekend.  At first I was actually terrified of sailing and avoided it.  However, fter a positive experience with an instructor during my second year I began to enjoy sailing.  I applied and then went to Basic Sail at HMCS Ontario the summer of 2016.  After placing first in the Basic Sail Regatta that intake I realized I wanted to go further into sailing.  I competed in my first Northwest Regional Regatta the fall after Basic Sail which was my first time ever racing a 420 Class sailboat.
The next summer in 2017 I took the Intermediate Sail course at HMCS Quadra where I competed in the Comox Cup and Quadra Sail Trade Regattas; placing 8th and 3rd place respectively.  In the fall immediately after Intermediate Sail, I competed in my second regional regatta racing with the same partner as the year and summer before.
In 2018, I started off by staffing a sail weekend in June at my local sail centre as unpaid staff.  Later that summer I returned to HMCS Quadra to take the Senior Sail Course; once again competing in the Comox Cup and Sail Trade regattas getting 9th and 1st respectively.  In 2019, I went to the Winter Sail and Development Coaching Clinic in Victoria, BC;  There, I completed 1-4 coaching levels.  I Qualified for the 2019 Cadet National Sailing Regatta in August 2019 right after I return to HMCS Ontario to partake in the Advanced Sail Course this summer.

CPO1 Guggenmos

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