The Navy League of Canada – Alberta Division 125 Commemoration Video

This is an open invitation to all Navy League Cadets across Alberta. Alberta Division would like your help in contributing to a video to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Navy League.

Who Can Participate?

DND has authorized that RCSCC (Sea Cadets and Officers) may participate while respecting proper social distancing.

What We Need?

A 20 second video about your story with Navy League.

Your video should begin with an introduction of yourself followed by a quick story of your Navy League experience(s). Use the following intro format:

"My name is (name) and my story starts in (year)..."

See example video.

Example Video

Video Requirements

Cadet or Officer in uniform.

Film in a bright location in your home or yard.

Film in a quiet room for clear audio. Do not film with background noise or on a windy day.

Use a rear smart phone camera. Do not use front selfie camera.
(Recommend hardware use of iPhone 7 / Samsung Galaxy S7 equivalent or higher).

Minimum quality of 720p HD but we recommended 1080p.

Film in landscape (horizontally). Do not film in portrait mode.

Download the paper slate by clicking on the following link: PAPER SLATE PDF

Fill out the paper slate on the computer with a big bold font and then print it out.
Print the paper slate and fill it out with a thick black marker.

Start your take with the filled out slate showing clearly for 2 seconds. (Just like a Hollywood movie!) After the slate is removed from frame pause for 2 seconds before talking. Do not hold the slate page while videoing your story.

Do multiple takes (keep in mind: start each take with the slate) and select your favorite video for submission.

Do not edit, compress or add special filters to your video.

Creativity is welcomed as long as social distancing is respected.

*Multiple cadets can be filmed as long as they are in the same household. Do not make arrangements to gather with fellow cadets to film.
*For more fliming tips:

DISQUALIFICATIONS - Please Read Carefully!

If any of the following situations occur, we may ask you to re-film your video or your video may not be used.

How to Submit

There are 3 options to submit your video to us.
  1. Email the video directly to
  2. Upload the video to Google Drive. Set the sharing settings to "anyone with the link can view" then copy link and send to
  3. Upload the video to Dropbox. Click share. Click create link. Ensure that anyone with the link can view, then send the link to
In the subject line of the email, please address accordingly:
125Video, Rank Surname, FirstName, Corps

Please include the following information in your message:
Rank and Name
Corps Name

We would like to collect as many videos as possible by Friday Sep. 25, 2020. Please share with your fellow Alberta cadets. Thank you so much in advance.